Kristy B: 1/06/15

Dr. Bentley takes excellent care of Buddy when he visits on Saturday. He loves her and Jimmy very much.

You’re doing an excellent job. Both Dr. Monaghan and Dr. Bentley are hard-working experts in their field.

Everyone, especially Christina and Jimmy, are so kind and helpful. Christina is a blessing. She was so kind to Buddy and me when Buddy and I were stung that she volunteered to follow me home to ensure our safety. She is a rare, compassionate person with a heart of gold, a true treasure. I know her son is so happy and fortunate to have her for his mom. The care Buddy receives from everyone is always outstanding. Everyone is treated like family, not just customers with their pets. You don’t see that kind of love and compassion often, but you see it every day at Kelley’s. Kelley’s is truly a blessing to pet lovers and pets.


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